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Randy Lynnworth
What is Team Randy About.


Our teens are mentally able and their insights combined with staff guidance result in a fun filled summer, and a maturing summer. Adaptive techniques developed over our 35+ years (1985) means everyone does everything; the beach, water sports, field trips, colleges, amusement parks, museums, NYC, and five overnights. Every summer has overnights, one Summer we were “roughing it” while learning about the local environment at Sedge Island. The last week of Camp is always away, and can include cities like Boston, Chicago & New York as our final destination. Team Randy is a wonderful experience for participants and a respite for parents.

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“Not All of Us Knew Him, But He Changed Lives”

I would like to take this time to honor Ray and Shelley. Though not related by blood, they have, over the years, become an extended part of my family as well as the families of many others. All while raising two children of their own, which is where the story truly begins.

While in high school their only son Randy was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This family could have chosen to become angry or remain frozen in their grief, but instead they chose to fully experience and appreciate the time he had. His body may have been sick, but his heart was not, and his family made sure it was full before his time here was finished. He and his family and friends looked at every day as an adventure, filling the hours with skiing, sailing, camping, and much, much more. As time passed the disease progressed and his abilities changed. However, quitting living was never an option. His family’s mission simply adjusted and adapted to his limitations. If he wanted to experience a particular activity, they found a way, even if they had to build their own equipment to make it possible.

Sadly, Randy lost his battle with cancer. However, almost 25 years later, a program for physically disabled and disadvantaged teens that bears his name continues in his memory today. Over the years they have traveled hundreds of miles and helped hundreds of young people understand that it is our spirit that truly defines us and it is capable of great things.

New Jersey

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Randy’s Book of Poems

Randy Lynnworth Image

For all  men both great and small


Take all Life’s chances

Do everything now while you’re still young,

and still strong.

Do it now while the little things won’t hurt you.

Always be free.

Don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Randy Lynnworth 1987

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